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  • DAN-BT-ANA is a Interchange device for Dante audio channel (4 x4) , Bluetooth wireless audio interface (2 X2), and analog audio interface (RCA or TRS) , It uses PoE power supply,and installed in the wall. Audio transmission and power supply of the device are solved by a network cable, simple to use.

    · Easy to use: Press the button to complete the Bluetooth pairing and connect the device, LED lights will show the connection status;
    · Good compatibility: Compatible with most smartphones, Apple ipad and Android tablets on the market;
    · 3.5 mm TRS*1 Stereo output;
    · Bluetooth BT 5.0;
    · DANTE 4X4;
    · Integration of power supply and audio transmission: PoE network switches power supply, power supply and audio transmission by network cable;
    · Bluetooth call bridging feature for conference.

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