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Reliable solution!

To succeed with audio and video, a sustainable solution is required. A solution that is easy to integrate and easy to use.

Scalable products to enable quality secure & efficient A/V solutions. Success requires simple integrations with systems and products.


In order to follow the digital era, high demands are placed on the technical parts. An important part of those digital meetings is that the technical part should work and that you trust it.

Public Adresses

Well-being is usually combined with music. Among public areas or office premises, prosperity increases with background music.

Commercial Installed Sound

The combination of possibilities. Building sound systems should have no restrictions.

Audio Over IP

Audio over IP - sometimes referred to as is the transmission of audio and control signals over a standard network cable infrastructure - for example WAN, LAN or the internet. In comparison to conventional analog AV environments, Audio over IP refers to the use of standard network infrastructure to switch and transmit high quality audio signals - with low latency, long distance tramission capabilities and increased levels of control and zoning from remote platforms and user interfaces.

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About Dante

Dante replaces all of those connections with a computer network, effortlessly sending video or hundreds of channels of audio over slender Ethernet cables with perfect digital fidelity. All connections are now managed with software, making routes fast, readable and reliable. Because all devices share the same network, signals can be sent between any devices no matter where they are located on a site, with no change to the wiring at all. Dante systems are easily expanded, exactly as one might add a printer to a network. Just connect additional devices to any available network jack and start using it. 

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